Since 1996 Watershed Arts has been an independent Arts distribution company
specializing in the cool, the unusual, and the brilliant-but-under-appreciated.

We feature the music of two world-famous guitarists:   acclaimed British
acoustic fingerstyle and slide virtuoso Martin Simpson,  and international blues artist Tino Gonzales.

Click the links below for info on these guitarists and the other indie artists we support.

Martin Simpson

British Fingerstyle Guitar Virtuoso

 Tino Gonzales
New CD!

International Latin Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire

Doug Robinson

Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist, Producer

Our new affiliates:

        StorybookCD - personalized fairy tales for children recorded on CD

        Laura Burch Pottery - beautiful porcelain fridge magnets and more

Eric Aceto

World-Renowned Luthier
and Jazz Violinist

Djug Django

Central New York's Penultimate
Gypsy Swing B

Sally Ramirez

American Jazz singer with
South American Soul

Brian Earle

Brilliant Jazz and
World Music Clarinetist

Red-hot Salsa, Merengue
Bolero and Samba

Jesse Bennett

Outstanding Jazz Saxophonist
and Teacher


A unique quartet that specializes in American,
European and South American gems

Superb Jazz Pianist, Composer

last updated 3/09/15

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